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Honesty in Sports

Students at CVA love participating in JV and Varsity sports.  Some games are easy, some are hard and with each one comes a learning experience.  Athletic Director, Shawn Sorter encourages the student athletes to invite their opponents to pray after each game together at center court, he believes that this helps students to leave the game on the court and to bring Jesus into the center of all that we do. 

Recently in a JV volleyball game, Freshman, Kylie Bock was playing near the net and she reached up to block a ball came flying as it came across the net.  The ball barely skimmed the tips of her fingers and landed out of bounds.  The referee blew his whistle and called the ball out, giving us possession of the ball.  Kylie knew that he didn't see the ball skim her hands.  She tried to get his attention but it was noisy and he didn't hear her at first.  Finally she got his attention and told him that it should be the other teams ball because she had touched it.  

The ball changed possession and the other team then served.  After the game, the referee told one of our coaches that he had never had a student stop the game and tell him that she had touched the ball and to overturn his decision.  

Thank you Kylie, for being honest! 

Just the night before, one of our volleyball coaches, Amy Zabokrtsky had given a worship talk on lies and honesty.  Thanks for your leadership Coach Amy!