Faculty & Staff




We are teachers.  It's how we define ourselves.  Good teachers don't give the answers out to their kids but they are understanding of needs and challenges and they give tools to help other people succeed.  We bring our students needs to the Lord in prayer, and petition for learning, serving and growing in Jesus.  Thank you for trusting us each and every day to teach your students the basics of reading, writing and math, but more importantly thank you for trusting us to teach your students about Jesus and His love. 


"Guard your heart above all else for it determines the course of your life. " Prov. 4:23


Administration/Office Staff

Spencer Hannah, Principal 

Shawn Sorter, High School Vice Principal/Athletic Director

Casey Prindle, Elementary Vice Principal/7th Grade Teacher

Teresa Edgerton, Vice Principal for Finance

Missy Sorter, Director of Marketing & Admissions

Lori Lambrecht, Registrar

Starla Powell, Elementary Office


Elementary Teachers

Kathy Cook, Kindergarten

Suzette Powell, 1st Grade

Amy Finch, 2nd Grade

Alana Paradise, 3rd Grade

Kirk Powell, 4th Grade

Cherie Hauck, 5th Grade

Michelle Flores, 6th Grade

Casey Prindle, 7th Grade

Angela Heam, 8th Grade

Renae Cross, Elementary/High School Music

Elizabeth Gustafson, K-3 PE

Shawn Sorter, Elementary/High School PE

Becky Gustafson, Elementary/High School Art

Jen Kaven, After School Care


High School Teachers

Louie Roehl, Religion/History/Chaplain

Benjamin Burton, Math/Computers

Angela Pierce English/Yearbook

Becky Gustafson, Art/Health/Independent Living

Shawn Sorter, PE/History

Derek Hansen, Science/Robotics

Renae Cross, Elementary/High School Music



Steve Berthelsen, Maintenance Director