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Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

Middle School: (NOUN)  a school intermediate between elementary school and high school,
usually encompassing grades five or six through eight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dress code the same as it was in elementary school?

  • Guidelines that pertain to girls:
    • Bare backs and bare midriffs are not acceptable. Low necklines, backless styles, spaghetti straps, and sun dresses are not acceptable.  
    • Skirt and dress lengths are to be close to the top of the knee. 
    • Shorts must be walking shorts (closer to the knee than to the hip in length). Boxer shorts and spandex shorts are not acceptable. 
    • If yoga pants or leggings are worn, a skirt or shirt that meets the length requirements (stated above) must be worn over them.  
    • Only natural color makeup is appropriate; this includes nail polish.  
    • Modest bathing suits are to be worn at all school-sponsored aquatic activities. Modest is defined as tankinis, one pieces, or dark t-shirts over bikinis.
    • Students may wear sleeveless shirts that come all the way out to the shoulder and fit closely under the arm. No racerback shirts; bras should not show.
    • Adornments (including those made of natural materials) such as rings, toe rings, wrist/ankle bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are not to be worn.
    • Any words, messages, or brand-names on clothing must be tasteful and in agreement with Christian standards
  • Guildelines that pertain to boys:
    • Modest swimsuits (boxer-type) are to be worn on all school-sponsored aquatic activities.
    • Shirts must be worn at all times.
    • All pants must be worn at the natural waist.
    • Tank tops, sleeveless tops, and cut-away sleeves are not to be worn. 
    • Adornments (including those made of natural materials) such as rings, toe rings, wrist/ankle bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are not to be worn.
    • Any words, messages, or brand-names on clothing must be tasteful and in agreement with Christian standards

Does my middle schooler need any immunizations?

  • All seventh-graders, along with any student who is transferring into our school from outside the state of Nebraska, must undergo the following immunization:  3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine. 

What is the cell phone policy?

  • The school expects students to abide by the following guidelines regarding cell phones:
    • Students may bring cell phones to school, but phones must be off during classes. 
    • Students may not make or receive phone calls during class time.
    • Students are not allowed to leave class to receive or to make calls.
    • Cell phones must be kept in students’ backpacks during class time.
    • Faculty will confiscate phones used during classes. Confiscated phones will be returned at the school administration’s discretion.
    • If a parent needs to contact a child due to an emergency, he or she should call the school office. School staff will retrieve students from class. 

How does the 1-to-1 Chromebook program work?

  • When do students receive the Chromebooks?
    • College View Academy students receive their Chromebooks on the first day of school.​
  • Are students able to take the Chromebooks home?
    • Absolutely - for students in grades 6-12.  Not only can students take the Chromebooks home, they are expected to take it home each night. The Chromebooks will be used not only for in-class work but also for homework assignments.  Students in 5th grade will use their Chromebooks in the classroom, but will not take them home.
  • What are the expectations for student use of the Chromebooks?
    • College View Academy owns the Chromebooks and will loan them to the students as a tool to support their learning experience. Students will be expected to bring them to school fully charged each day and have them in class just as they would for any other required material.
  • Does the school plan to use digital books?
    • College View Academy makes every effort to use a value-added approach to digital textbooks.  While many textbook publishers are developing textbooks for use with the Chromebooks, not all of our course materials are currently available in digital format. We expect to have both digital and printed textbooks for next year.  We are hoping to move to digital formats as soon as the best materials are available.
  • Do students use other devices in class?
    • College View Academy is committed to providing teachers and students the best technology for specific learning goals. Other devices are available when necessary in the classroom and the school will continue to provide student access to computer labs throughout the day.
  • My student already has an Laptop/Chromebook.  Can he/she use it?
    • No, due to the way our devices are managed, all of the Chromebooks in the program will be school-issued devices.  
  • How will a student’s safety online be ensured?
    • We will be using our Internet infrastructure to control the devices that use our wireless network. We also provide web filtering.
  • What if a Chromebook is lost or damaged?
    • The Chromebook is College View Academy property and is loaned to the student for the school year. Students are ultimately responsible for the care of the device.

Tell me about Middle School Music?

  • Choir: The choral experience is provided for elementary students in grades five through eight and includes performances at most area churches and school programs. Grades five through eight are invited to attend the Young Adventist Musician's Association (YAMA) choir festival in the spring of the year.  There is a fee for attending this music festival.
  • Band/Instruments: Exploratory Band is offered to all fifth-grade students and to new students in grades six through eight. Band students spend nine weeks learning the basics of several band instruments, such as flutes and trumpets. At the end of the nine weeks, students select an instrument to continue with in the beginning band program. Students who qualify may join the College View Academy high school band by recommendation of the band director.

When do students get lockers?

  • Students in grades 6-8 will be assigned lockers for storage of personal items. Students are responsible for caring for and cleaning their lockers. Students are expected to keep lockers free of old food and garbage. The school reserves the right to search inside any student’s locker at any time. Students must provide the school office with a key or combination for any locks used on school lockers. Students must obtain permission from school administration to decorate the outside of their lockers. Students may decorate the inside of their lockers, but decorations must be in keeping with Christian principles. Locker doors must remain closed.

Where and when does my middle school student take PE?

  • Middle school students participate in PE class with the High School PE teacher.  They meet twice each week.  Students are not required to change into athletic apparel, but they are required to wear athletic shoes during class.  Students will not be allowed to participate if they are wearing flip flops, boots, or other shoes that don't have laces.  If a student isn't allowed to participate, their grade will be impacted negatively.  

Does my middle school student take an Art class?

  • 6-8 grade students participate in an art class with the high school art teacher once per week in the high school art classroom.

How does Environmental Camp work for 6th Grade students?

  • All 6th grade students attend Environmental Camp at Broken Arrow Ranch.  Environmental Camp is sponsored by the Kansas-Nebraska Conference. Students spend three nights and four days in cabins at Broken Arrow Ranch.  

How does the Canoe Trip for 7th Grade students work?

  • Students in 7th grade take part in an overnight camping trip.  Students travel to the Niobrara River near Valentine, NE and spend two nights camping, and one day canoeing the river.  They will be leaving the Wednesday before Labor Day and return on Friday.  

Are all the classes taught by one teacher or do the students move rooms? 

  • This is determined each school year.

Are the bathrooms still in the back of the classroom? 

  • Each classroom in the elementary school is equipped with a boys and a girls bathroom.  This ensures that students are not wandering unsupervised in the hallways.  

What are the sports and extracurricular options? 

  • Students are encouraged to participate in YMCA Volleyball & Basketball that are coached by volunteer parent coaches.  The students practice one time each week during the volleyball & basketball seasons.  The 7th & 8th grade students are currently participating in the Lincoln Catholic Athletic League for basketball & volleyball.  

Who teaches each subject in grades 5-8?

  • The 5th grade home room teacher is Cherie Hauck.  Mrs. Hauck is teaching all subjects except Grammar which is taught by Michelle Flores.
  • The 6th grade home room teacher is Michelle Flores.  Mrs. Flores is teaching all subjects except Science which is taught by Cherie Hauck.
  • The 7th grade home room teacher is Casey Prindle.  Mr. Prindle is teaching all subjects except English/Writing which is taught by Angela Heam.
  • The 8th grade home room teacher is Angela Heam.  Mrs. Heam is teaching all subjects except Math, which is taught by Casey Prindle.