Mrs. Flores' Classroom Updates

Welcome to 6th grade


2nd Quarter- 4th quarter

Students will be able to redo any assignment if we are on that unit/ chapter/ book. Once we have tested on it, students will no longer be able to redo that work. This will help me keep our Google classroom emptier and stay on top of grading. 


Outdoor Recess and Outdoor lunch times

Keep in mind students will have outdoor Recess and Lunch time even when it is cold. I am going by specific temperatures. If it is below 20 degrees (actual and feels like),  we will not be going outside. Students should bring a coat, gloves, hat, scarf, etc. on cold days. 


Book Reports:

3rd quarter- Due on February 26

4th Quarter- Due on May 7

Lesson Plan:

1/19 - 1/22



Grammar TX pg. 214-216 #1-91 ODD
Math Chapter 5 TX pg. 235-237 #1-48 EVENS
History  Chapter 8 quizzes Printed off on peach color paper.
Reading Volcano Questions + Vocabulary



Europe- Southern and Western Countries


(Pick Common Core 2019, then 6th grade textbook)