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Angela Pierce, English & Yearbook



Angela graduated from Union College with her Elementary Education degree. She briefly considered secondary but decided being stuck teaching only one subject would get boring. (Come to find out, it’s not). She taught a couple years in a multigrade setting, where she learned that elementary education required more emotional stamina and multitasking than she cared to give. She earned her MS in Learning Disabilities from Andrews University, but then worked part-time odd jobs while her girls were young. Then, ten years later, out of the blue and straight from heaven came the opportunity to be an English teacher substitute at CVA. Now she spends her time cramming in classes to finish her Language Arts endorsement.

As for other randomness, she likes coffee and tea, gray days and rain. She needs trees and moss, or anything green, to soothe her soul. Target and Wendy’s Frosties also work. She loves audiobooks but not ebooks.  Angela admits to being a chocolate snob and a travel addict. She hates running and reptiles, preferring yoga and furry creatures. She would also rather mow lawns than wash dishes. She has been married 17 years to the only guy she ever dated, Dr. Seth Pierce. They have three beautiful girls, two fat cats, and one balding malamute.  

Best Advice: If you have a doubt, don’t (works for shopping and dating)

Invented holiday would include: trees

Favorite English word: freedom

If I was a noodle: Fusilli because they look as fun as they sound

Job inspiration: the deep questions that come with literature, reading of students’ compositions and teaching skills that will affect her students now until the Kingdom of God.

Superhero power:  I just wish I had normal powers, like my hearing!

Highschool lesson: Get involved, even if it is out of your comfort zone


Title:  High School English Teacher & Yearbook Sponsor

Contact Information


Phone: 402-483-1181 144




"Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life."  Proverbs 4:23