At College View Academy, each child is special and cherished.  Protecting and promoting emotional and physical well being is essential.  Paramount is providing a strong educational foundation to help the children learn about God's world as well as grow cognitively, socially, and physically. Our preschool program nurtures Christian faith and the knowledge and understanding of God's Word and His world. 

Here at College View Academy Preschool we encourage students to live in accordance with the ethical standards of the Seventh-day Adventist church.  We encourage four basic behavioral principles from our students:                                                                

  • Respect for God 
  • Respect for Self 
  • Respect for Others
  • Respect for School

At College View Academy Preschool, we encourage learning through socializing as well as a variety of hands on experiences and learning centers.





Our learning centers include:

  • Reading Center
  • Science Center
  • Block Center
  • Art Center
  • Manipulative and Puzzle Center
  • Dramatic Play Center

Each preschooler will practice such skills as:

  • Writing their name
  • Holding a pencil and scissor properly
  • Reciting the alphabet
  • Writing numbers 1-10
  • Identifying colors and shapes