Semester Vocabulary Words
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Semester Vocabulary Words
The first semester words are the following:
a and like dad cat
Sam sat go up down
five in six mat my
baby house here jump not
others Nan Fan ran big
see me too we can
Pam Pat find have one
who bat hit tag Tim
Tip to fig hat pig
sit he be Mr. will
day once what box fox
Dot got lot on top
Don wig fit said red
man are name went then
stop for four three two
one upon dog ox win
do for is my Ben
pen get wet pet vet
lot yes Ned kit van
come eat house with boy
is ask bed play that
so him me said you
hen let met vat yet
hot fire soup this tree
read out does he live
where bug but cut run
fun quit zig hut jug
animal bird cold fall flower
full look of see cap
nap pack bugs lots sacks
thing they after books all
call why paper eat every
shall first never miss lips
school light love night asked
jumped licking backing who what
when where why the like
  I will ask for the above words to be studied over vacation.  Your child can mark off the days that they have studied: ___Monday  ___Tuesday  ___Wednesday  ___Thursday  ___Friday  ___Monday  ___Tuesday  ___Wednesday  ___Thursday  ___Friday.
     If they study at least 7 days, they should bring their completed list back to school for a small prize