Answers to Parent Questions
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Answers to Parent Questions
Here are just a few items that you may have wondered about, or you might hear your child speak about throughout the course of his/her 1st grade life.
Show and Tell: Each child has their special day to bring one or two items. They will have approximately 3 minutes to discuss their items during lunchtime. 
Swimming: This will be on Thursday afternoon around 1:30. This will not begin until Union College classes begin and they have their lifeguards. There are 4 lifeguards present during swimming. If your child can swim in the deep end, or go off of the diving board please send me one note (for the whole year) telling me that you are comfortable with that.
Girls should wear one piece swimming suits, or a t-shirt to cover a two piece.

Birthdays: If you choose to bring treats on your child’s birthday, that is fine, and completely up to you.  If birthday party invitations are handed out, please let there be one for every student, or let the mail carrier deliver them. This saves broken hearts.
Friday Dismissal: Always at 1:00, unless we inform you differently. We should be waiting outside each day.
Orchard Park Visits: Part of our mission is in service for others, so once every 6 weeks or so, we visit the residents at Orchard Park Retirement Home. We walk, or usually run, to get there. Then we sing to the people, make friends, and take them a little craft.
Star of the Week: Each week a different child will be our special “Star of the Week”. During that week, they are the line leader, and they get a 2nd show and tell day of their choice. They will bring a cloth bag home in which they can put their special show and tell. They can bring about a dozen photos of themselves, and of those they love, which I will put on a bulletin board for the week.
Weekly Papers: Every Friday your child’s papers will be coming home, so be sure to glance through those. Also, on every Monday, a letter will be sent home informing you of the week’s happenings. Attached to the note will be the list of vocabulary words that we will have a test on, on Fridays. In November, spelling words will be stapled to this Monday note also.  (Vocabulary words are only tested by their readability and not their spelling.) 
A.J.Y.: Every Friday morning, grades 1-4 meet for worship together. The letters represent Adventist Junior Youth. A story, usually by a guest speaker, follows a song service. An offering is collected to support our service projects.
Hot Lunch Money: The money for lunch is collected at the beginning of the day. Change is given back to them at that time. Lunch tickets of $25.00 are available in the office. Lunchtime is from 11:50-12:30.
*Fursty Bag: Each day a different child will take home our class “Fursty Bag’. Fursty is a little animal, that your child (or you) can read a book to that night. Just sign the little notebook, and sent it back to school the next day. Your child will get a sticker on Fursty’s return trip. This just encourages some fun reading. (The animal and the book will change each month for a little variety).
*Reading Rodeo: Every Friday each child can bring his favorite book, and he/she will discuss the highlights of the book, and why it is their favorite. This will have a little western theme, as we sit in a circle around our reading reporter. This is a little introduction to book reporting. A sticker will be given for each week that a book is brought. After 10 stickers, a prize will be given to the student.
*Lunch-Box Surprise: Each day a child will be chosen to take the lunch box home. She/he will put an object in the lunch box along with 3 clues, written on a card, that describe the item, inside the lunch box. The next day that child will read the clues to the class to see if the class can guess what the object is.

*Homework Book: Every Wednesday, unless I let you know, a small paper book will come home for homework.  Your child will read this to you, and will return it to school the next day.  Would you sign the book with your name so that I know it has been read?  This will be a 10 points of their reading grade each week.

School Website: Information such as memory verses, vocabulary words, spelling words, and upcoming events will be on this site.  The address is
 .  Just go to our class page and look for the category you want. I will still inform you of those things on the Monday Message note.  Those notes will be sent to you by email on Sunday, and then your child will bring the same note home on Monday.


Oh, I’m sure that there are so many more pieces of information for you, but I hate to swamp you with so much, so early. I will try to keep you as informed as I can. I am truly looking forward to this year with all of you being a part of my 1st grade family.
Suzette Powell

The sections with the * are items where the child brings something home that needs to be returned the next day.