Memory Verses
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Memory Verses

Memory Verses for Dec. 16-21 are:
1. "Remember to keep the Sabbath as a holy day.  You may work and get everything done during six days each week.  But the seventh  day is a day of rest to honor the Lord your God. On that day no one may do wny work: nor you, hyour son or daughter, or your men or women slaves.  Neither your animals nor the foreigners living in your cities may work. The reason is that in six days the Lord made everything.  He made the sky, earth, sea and everything in them.  And on the seventh day, he rested.  So the Lord blessed  the Sabbath day and made it holy."Exodus 20:8-11

2.  "Honor your father and your mother.  Then you will live a long time in the land.  The Lord your God is going to give you this land. 
      You must not murder anyone.
      You must not be guilty of adultery.
      You must not steal.
      You must not tell lies about your neighbor in court.
      You must not want to take your neighbor's house.  You must not want his wife or his men or women slaves.  You must not want his ox or his donkey.  You must not want to take anything that belong to your neighbor."  Exodus 20:12-17.