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Suzette Powell
                    You Can Smell the Freshness
There is nothing like the smell of a fresh new box of crayons or the juicy markers when you color your first picture with your brand new markers.  Well, first graders are just like that. . . only better.  They come into the room, a little apprehensive and nervous (just like their teacher).  You can see the glint in their eyes as the look around the room and at their stack of shiny new books.  The big smiles appear as they see their friends, or as someone new learns their name.  Little do they know how much they will learn this year, or how much they will be prayed for.  They don't realize the vastness of their brains and their abilities to do a great work for God.  They will experience many answers to prayer, as they think of others or as we journey through hurdles of our own.  We will become a family quickly, and we will experience patience and forgiveness along the way.

I'm so thankful that we will be traveling this trail together.  We will have many people supporting us as we go along.  The leader of our fan club is God and He is excited for us to begin, so that these children can experience an even closer relationship with Him. 

The crayons will get broken and lost and the markers will dry out and be cast away, but the freshness of a 1st grader is new every day and in each class.  They get better as the year goes along.   Get ready, it will be an exciting ride.                                                                                                       

Prayerfully Yours,
Mrs. Powell

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