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Our Faculty & Staff

On this page you will find some of the most dedicated, Christian staff and teachers working hard to educate your children.  If you need to contact them, feel free to reach them at the contact information below.  The main school number is 402-483-1181, then you may enter their extention.

Position Ext Email

Adams, Peter

7/8th Grade & Elementary Vice Principal 28  padams@cvak12.org

Berthelsen, Steve
Maintenance 10  sberthelsen@cvak12.org

Burton, Benjamin
Math & Computer 18  bburton@cvak12.org

Carlson, Brian
PreK-12 Principal 12  bcarlson@cvak12.org

Chilson, Shannon

Preschool Director 27  schilson@cvak12.org

Cook, Kathy

Kindergarten 27  kcook@cvak12.org

Dalby, Kathy
Music-Band 10  kdalby@cvak12.org

Flores, Michelle
6th Grade 34 mflores@cvak12.org

Finch, Amy

2nd Grade 42  afinch@cvak12.org

Gilbert, Sarah
K-4 Music & PE   sgilbert@cvak12.org

Greenland, Mary
Elementary Administrative Assistant 30  mgreenland@cvak12.org

Gustafson, Becky

Art / Health 45 bgustafson@cvak12.org

Hansen, Derek

 Science 20 dhansen@cvak12.org

Harvey, Lori
Vice-Principal of Finance 24  lharvey@cvak12.org

Hauck, Cherie

5th Grade 23 chauck@cvak12.org

Huamancha, Rey
Custodial Services 10 rhuamancha@cvak12.org

Kaven, Jen
Afterschool Care Director 10 jkaven@cvak12.org

Lambrecht, Lori
Registrar / Admin Assistant 46  llambrecht@cvak12.org

Paradise, Alana
3rd Grade 30 aparadise@cvak12.org

Deemer Parks, Lisette
Music-Choir, 5-8 Music 33  ldeemer@cvak12.org

Powell, Kirk

4th Grade  25 kpowell@cvak12.org

Powell, Starla

Elementary Administrative Assistant 21 stpowell@cvak12.org

Powell, Suzette

1st Grade 29  spowell@cvak12.org

Casey Prindle
7th Grade 31 cprindle@cvak12.org

Roehl, Louie

Religion / History 19 lroehl@cvak12.org

Schnell, Kerrie

English/Yearbook/Accounting 44 kschnell@cvak12.org

Sorter, Missy
Director of Marketing & Admissions 32 msorter@cvak12.org

Sorter, Shawn
Athletic Director, 5-12 P.E., History, High School Vice Principal 17 ssorter@cvak12.org