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Middle School

A private Christian middle school can be a wonderful blessing for parents and students during this crucial time in a young person's development.  The adolescent years need teachers of strength, stability, flexibility, and a keen sense of humor. The middle school staff members are all of these and more. As they manage their instructional environments with great expertise, their sensitivity to spiritual, social and emotional needs of middle school students provides many teachable moments in addition to the academic curriculum. A Christian middle school experience can preserve the values instilled by families during a time of tremendous peer pressure.

College View Academy is blessed to have a middle school faculty who love their students and are devoted to their “whole” development. Academic competitions, fine arts opportunities, and athletic programs give productive outlets to the abundant energy of the middle school students.

Video:  See why middle school student Gabrielle loves CVA!


Middle School Happenings

Greek History
For twenty years, 7th & 8th grade teacher Peter Adams has taught students Greek history as a part of his World History curriculum. The students are grouped into City-States producing flags and digging deep into the history and culture of cities such as Thebes, Athens & Sparta. As a conclusion to this unit of study, the classroom participates in a Greek Olympic Event, which starts with a parade through the halls of the school dressed in togas and finishes up with a cotton ball shot put competition, drinking straw javelin toss', paper plate discus throws, City-State cheers, and poster design competitions. Greek culture was truly brought alive ​at CVA!

Video:  #Up Close Visitation Day for 8th Grade Students