Family Testimony
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Family Testimony

“I am a believer in Christian education, especially in the challenging times our children are growing up in.  The reality is that financial struggles are a challenge that I have faced month after month in order to make Adventist education possible for my children.  One academic year after the other, prayers and faith have been exercised without ceasing.  Year after year God and CVA have proved to work as a team and have helped us to make it possible for my children to attend.


This academic year, I found myself at a place where everything pointed to the reality that returning to CVA was not an option.  I went to Mrs. Harvey to tell her that I have prayed about all that I could pray and I was not going to be able to register my kids for school. We had been blessed by the CVA financial assistance year after year, and now it was time for other families to be blessed as well.  

Mrs. Harvey said to me, 'Go home, pray about it one more time, and don’t lose hope.  Let’s work out a plan because the children need to return to CVA.'  So, forward I went, reminded to always exercise faith through prayer.  My kids returned to CVA and midway into this school year, it is so clear to me that our God does not stop working wonderings when His people work together.  Thank you CVA for allowing yourselves to be His hands and feet!”