5th and 6th Grade Assignments
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5th and 6th Grade Assignments

Lesson Plans for the week of
 April 24-28


Bible-Lesson 35- pg. 230-"Father, Forgive Them" Journal, wksheets  - MV Review and TEST on-Friday***

History- Chapter 12-TEST ON WEDNESDAY!! Chapter 13-Manifest Destiny.

Spelling-Lesson 36- Review Lesson pg. 164-167- Review Game and TEST on Friday***

Handwriting- Lesson 36 and Border Sheet.

Math-Chapter 10- Convert Units of Measure pg.403-404. Pg. 405-408 Customary Length. Pg. 409-412- Customary Capacity.

Reading-Continue with A Family Apart- Vocab Words, KWL sheet and worksheets.

5th Grade Science- Pg. 312-315-Chapter 9 Review and Journal. TEST ON FRIDAY***

Grammar-Mrs. Flores- Typing rough draft. Working with partnerns editing rough draft. Editing checklist.

6th Science- Activity.Pg. 380-What are Chemical Properties & Changes?-386.