5th and 6th Grade Assignments
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5th and 6th Grade Assignments

Lesson Plans for the Week of
 March 19-23


Bible-Lesson 30-Pg. 194- "I Won't Defend Myself" Wksheets pg. 127 & 128- Journal-  Review Game and Friday-TEST***

Math- Pg.383-386- Mid Ch. Check Point. Pg. 387-390- Numerical Patterns. Pg. 391-394- Problem Solving- Find A Rule. Pg. 395-398-Graph & Analyze Relationship.  Pg. 399-402-Chapter Review.

History- Finish Amendment posters. Tuesday- Chapter 8 TEST*** Chapter 9- pg. 246-251-The Federalist Era.  Pg. 252-255-Early Challenges. Pg. 256-261- First Political Parties.
 Continue with A Family Apart. Wksheets. Sticky Note reading.  Discuss honesty between family members.

Spelling-  Lesson 30- Review Lesson pgs.138-141- Review game & TEST on Friday***

Handwriting- Lesson 30- Days 1-3, Border Sheet.

5th Grade Science- Tuesday- Baby Treats with Flour. Finish reading pgs. 197-199- Identical Twins. Grade Study Sheet and Fill in Journal.  TEST on Friday***

6th Grade Science- Pg. 267-269-Review Interpretations of Geology. How does the Crust Move? (Boundaries). Pangea Activity. What causes earthquakes and volcanoes? Slinky.

5th Grade Grammar-  Present Final Story.