5th and 6th Grade Assignments
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5th and 6th Grade Assignments

Lesson Plans for the week of
 December 11-15


Bible-Lesson 18- Gentle Hero (Desmond Doss)- Journal -Wksheets- Review game and TEST on Friday**

Math- Pg. 235-238- Chapter Review- TEST 5 on TUESDAY*** Chapter 6- pg. 241-242-Add & Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators. Pg. 243-246- Add & Subtract with Unlike Denominators. Pg. 247-250-Subtract with Unlike Denominators. 

History- Review/Grade Study Sheet TEST ON TUESDAY*** Chapter 3- pg. 57-63- Colonial America- Pg. 64-68- Seeking Religious Freedom. Pg. 69-72- Middle Colonies.
Reading- Spy for the Night Riders-(Martin Luther)- Vocab Words. DOL.  Worksheet pg.11, 12, 13. Chapters 6, 7, 8 and worksheets.

Spelling-  Lesson 18- Review Lesson- Pg. 86-89-Review Game and TEST on FRIDAY***

Handwriting- Lesson 18- Days 1-3, Border Sheet.

5th Grade Science-  Pg. 110-113- Hibernation and Estivation. What are Behavior Adaptations? Pg. 114-121-What are Plant Adaptations? Chapter Review and Journal-Grade Study Sheet on Wednesday. 

6th Grade Science-Muscles in the Body-Discuss what Muscles Do. Grade questions in class.  Pg. 179-186-How does Circulation Work? Q. Pg. 187-193- How Does Respiration Work? Q

5th Grade Grammar- Adverbs- Guided-When? Where? Adverbs. Wk. pg. 150-Independent Wk. pg. 86. Pg. 34- Describe an obstacle race gull of funny or unusual obstacles. Adverbs-Comparing. Tx pg. 250-251. Wksheet pg. 123. The Hike. Adverb or Adjective- Tx. pg. 252-253- Wk pg. 125. How would life be different if there was no gravity? Pg. 20