5th and 6th Grade Assignments
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5th and 6th Grade Assignments

Lesson Plans for the week of
 August 14-18


Bible-Lesson 1- On the Trail of Love pg. 4- Read story and do Journal, wksheet pgs. 5, 12, review game and TEST on Friday.**

Math- Pgs. 3-4- Check What You Know. Place Value, Multiplication and Expression. Pg. 5-8- Place Value & Patterns. Pg. 9-12- Place Value of Whole Numbers. Pg. 13-16- Properties of Addition & Multiplication. Pg. 17-20-Powers of 10 & Exponents.

History- Pioneers- Introduction, Wagon trains, supplies, diaries, move the trail.
Reading-  Begin Shepherd Warrior. Pass out vocab words, read chapters 1-3.

Spelling-  Lesson 1 pg. 14-17- Words with sk, sp, st. Pretest on Monday. Review Game on Thursday.
TEST on Friday***

Handwriting- Lesson 1- Days 1-3, Border Sheet.

5th Grade Science-Chapter 1- pg. 14-22-Living Things- Read section and do questions on page 22. Pg. 23-27- How are Living Systems Organized? LAB Finish pages 28-32. Questions on pg. 32. Pg. 33-39-How Cells Divide & reproduce? Read & do questions on page 39.

Grammar-Mrs. Flores

6th Science-Chapter 1- pg. 13-25- Life Science- What Themes Repeat in Biology? Read & do questions on pg. 25. Pg. 26-33- What Makes Nature Complex? Questions. Pg. 34-41- What Cycles Exist in Nature? Read & do questions page 41.