5th and 6th Grade Assignments
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5th and 6th Grade Assignments

Lesson Plans for the week of
 October 16-18


Bible-Lesson 10-pg. 60-Chief Joseph, Peace Chief-Journal - Review game and TEST on Wednesday.**

Math- Pg.117-120- Round Decimals. Pg. 121-124-Decimal Addition. Pg. 125-128-Decimal Subtraction.

History- Pioneers- Fates & Move.
Reading- Finish reading Lewis & Clark.
Vocab TEST on Wednesday**

Spelling-  Lesson 10- pg.52-55-Long Vowels.  TEST on Wednesday***

Handwriting- Lesson 10- Days 1-3, Border Sheet.

5th Grade Science-   Chapter 2- Questions. Pg. 56-63. Answer Questions.

Grammar-Mrs. Flores- Action Verbs- Textbook pg. 96-97 & Wksheet pg. 36.

6th Science- ***Grade Study Sheet and Fill-In Journal for Chapter 3***